Video and an update

First, video courtesy of Chris… awesome! Good job, too, since I was way too excited to document. I have to get better at that!

Second, a kind of brief review of status on stuff I’ve been working on.

1) Bill Conger (BC61 from adv) was in town this week on business, so we had dinner together. Bill’s a great guy, I’m excited to be in the truck with him, and I’m positive we’ll be able to help each other between here and Lima in untold ways. 

2) We’re working on shipping with the other American teams, and Mike Stanfield from Kansas City has been heading that up. Mike’s looking hard at going straight to South America, which would have 2 advantages- a later ship date from the US, and earlier availability in SA. Nothing is nailed down yet, but it’ll be nice if it works out.

3) At last, all the discounts and coupons and so on are present and assembled, and we’re shipping packages. Expect to see yours soon, we’re sending them in the order they were placed, so it’ll take us a little while to work through, but we’ll do our best.

The latest awesome- Touratech has sent all race supporters and sponsors $25 off a $50 (or more!) order, which is a sweet offer. They’ve helped me out immensely, too, by helping me get the correct GPS and Sentinel mounting stuff sent over from Germany, even before the spec has been officially released. Really great guys there, it’s fun to work with them.

4) The biggest use of time for the last month has been chasing a title sponsor, and there are two potential deals circling on that front. One way the other, we’ll know more in the next couple of weeks. Hope we can make it happen!

5) The next payment is due to the ASO 9/15. Thanks to you guys, it’s already in the bank ready to go. Great feeling not to be scrambling!

6) Overall, I think the bike and fundraising phases are going to be closing in, and the next phases are spares and training. Progress!

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