Parts, and more parts

This week’s focus is finishing procurement on everything I want to have along at the race.

KTM has helped immensely here, by sending along a big order of spare parts, and a used 450 XCW motor. This is huge!

In the background, you can see the new 2009 450 XCW I found in Durango. I sold one of my all-time my favorite bikes (a 2011 KTM 530 EXC) and bought this with that money… so now I have 3 450s + a motor. 

The plan is to break in the 2009, tear it down and use it for spares. The engine pictured above becomes the backup spare engine, so I’m bringing the maximum allowed, which is two. The 2011 450 I bought a few weeks ago from Arizona, will remain assembled and I’ll train on it through departing for the race. My garage looks pretty absurd, with a collection of orange to make a dealer jealous.

A preliminary list of spares is below, much of this exists in my garage, the rest will be on the way this week.

We also did a photo shoot on Friday, for an upcoming article in Motorcyclist! More from that as soon as I get images back… If any of you need a pro photog, check out 

Overall, it’s an exciting place to be. Now, off to the gym!

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