Luckiest guy around…

The high country in Colorado is absolutely awesome in the fall- perfect crisp days, beautiful fall colors in the aspens, and we’ve had just enough rain for hero dirt instead of dust. I decided not to let it slip by and spent the last couple days chasing trail in the high country. Sorry, no pics (yet), Dave had the camera and I forgot to grab his pics before we split.

It was an awesome time, I paid a lot of attention to hydration and nutrition and felt really good through the ride, and as I sat on the top of Star Pass, looking out on an incredible panorama, I realized at least a little just how lucky I am. I’m preparing to do something I’ve always dreamed of, and every step of the way entails activities, people, places, and things I love.

Thanks for helping me get here. The finish is the goal, but every step along the way is what makes the goal worth achieving.

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