It’s chaos here, before we leave to ship on Thursday. Chris and Justin have been slaving on wiring, it’s almost there (making it work = about 1 hour. Bulletproofing = about 40) I’ve been mounting tires, finishing loading/ packing spares, spec’ing the last few critical parts, etc.

Got the rebuilt motor back this evening, going to take apart the spares bike put that motor in it, and go romp on it tomorrow for an hour. 

Realized the Cycra CRM handguards won’t fit with the organization GPS mount, so I had to make a panicked call to Cycra headquarters. They are overnighting different guards- awesome!

At the end of the day, though, it’s all feeling pretty good. The list is now finite and without anything totally unknown. Not much left that needs to be received, just organizing and packing and such. The bike is great and there’s nothing about it that feels half-assed to me, it is dialed. And these are all the kinds of problems that I’m excited to be working on… wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.