Juggling chainsaws

My apologies for the lull in activity here, I’ve been on the go and trying not to drop anything, so this has suffered.

In the two weeks or so that have elapsed since I announced my intention to go, the outpouring of support has been incredible- in large part from you, who are reading this!

The financial side of that is one thing, and a necessary part, but what I’ve realized is even more important is the feeling that I’m not alone in facing this challenge. The last two weeks have proved to me that what I’m doing is something many people are interested in and excited about, so I have a sense that what I’m working toward has a shared meaning for us all. 

As I was driving the other night, letting my mind drift, I imagined that there will be a time during the race when I feel stretched to the end, overwhelmed with whatever challenge lies ahead. I think it will feel completely different to face that moment knowing how many people did what they could to get me to that point, than it would to be alone, and I think that will be incredibly motivational for me.

So, thanks. Seriously.

Next to take this beyond philosophical jaw-wagging, I present the beta test version of the Dakar bike!

The initial goal was to get everything in one place at one time and have something to display at an open house Wolfman Luggage hosted for me, and then to take to the Colorado 600. Now we have a healthy amount of work to do in refining and updating various aspects of the bike before it’s really ready to test, but we couldn’t recognize these issues until we put it all together for the first time.

A few big pieces that are missing: 

  • ICO and backup Odometer
  • Water Tank
  • Various ASO mandated bracketry: GPS mount, Sentinel mount, etc. 
  • Another rear taillight to meet the target for rear lighting
  • Wiring- we have the main fuse box run but nothing connected right now
So, more to come on that. I’ll do a build post on www.advrider.com soon.

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