i-98qZfxG-XLThat’s my motto.

I started life on the straight and narrow- I was a good student, did what was expected and graduated to a job where I pretended to be an adult. I’m glad I did, because the process taught me how much I value my freedom.

I decided to leave the kind of job that people seem to aspire to, to become a used car dealer (which is an insult). Much to my surprise, it suited me very well, I enjoy the simplicity and honesty of arbitrage. Along the way, I invented a few products that complement my love of motorcycling- (the best folding mirror by far!), and (simple and practical instructional DVDs).

Through it all has been a common thread of exploration and two wheels. I travel as much as I can afford to, usually on a motorcycle. I love both the feeling of leaning into a turn and leaping out of it, and the people who gather around two wheels. I race but I’m not a racer, the perfect day for me is seeing what’s over the next horizon.

You can read more about my experience racing Dakar here. It was a wonderful experience, made all the better by how many folks stepped forward to help me make it happen.

From time to time, I do public speaking. My message is that we are all capable of doing extraordinary things, if we focus and sacrifice, using a slideshow about Dakar. If you’d like to contact me about this, use the email link below.

If you have any questions, you can contact me here. I do my best to respond but make no promises.

Hope to hear from you soon,
-Ned Suesse

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